2023 Enrichment Classes updates coming soon!

Dancers choose one of the following classes prior to registration. While every dancer attending the festival is guaranteed an enrichment class, classes are filled on a 1st come 1st served basis. Late registration may result in dancers not being placed in the enrichment class of their choosing. When a class is filled it will be updated as “filled” and a notice will be put out on social media.

  • Musical Theater Dance (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Jax RF MacAtee.
  • Stage Combat (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Jax RF MacAtee teaches the basic rules and safety techniques for unarmed Stage Combat, along with some basic movements of combat choreography. Through exploration of these basic combat movements, students will work to choreograph a short combat sequence, implementing how to create/perform a staged “fight” that is safe for the performers and believable from the audience perspective.
  • Clowning (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Matthew Donnell uses physical comedy and acting exercises. Clowning helps unlock creativity in dancers. Through three simple “Rules of Clowning,” dancers will experience methods designed to help open their minds in different ways which will enhance their joy of dance.
  • Advanced Pointe (suggested for dancers high intermediate through advanced levels)
  • Percussion for Dancers (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Lawrence Greene. Music is how we decorate time! Get to play drums and percussion from different parts of the world.  A good beat can make anyone move their feet. We will be looking at how rhythm is used to accompany dance with group play, improv and playing traditional African rhythms.
  • Character Dance for Ballet (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Matthew Donnell teaches Folk dances that are integral in the great classical ballets. Dancers will experience different cultural styles in a traditionally set character class which includes barre and center.
  • Leaps and Turns (suggested for dancers high beginner through advanced levels) with Jess Beach  is a technique based dance class with focus on various turns, pirouettes, leaps, jumps, and progressions. Dancers will be lead through a full body warm up, conditioning, and stretch class. Dancer’s will be taught turning and leaping progressions and given tools on how to improve their alignment, kinetics, and over all execution of dynamic skills. This is not a choreography or dance combination focused class.
  • Progressing Ballet Technique and Injury Prevention (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Jen Lawrence utilizes elements of Progressing Ballet Technique, an innovative program combining fitness ball work with ballet fundamentals to help strengthen the body to aid in prevention and recovery from common dance injuries.
  • Precision Tap (suggested for dancers high beginner through advanced levels) with Alana Donnell Dancers will work on classic musical theater tap steps choreography with sharp and precise arm movements.
  • Latin Jazz (suggested for dancers over the age of 11) with Roz Miller
  • Intro to Irish Dance (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Laura Neese This class will get your heart rate up and feet moving quickly. In this class students will be introduced to traditional soft shoe Irish step dance through both stationary and traveling patterns. We will build complexity and speed to test agility, musicality, and teamwork, and most of all – have fun!”
  • Belly Dance (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Jewels Whitley will start with a short yoga session mixed with Belly Dance Basics. Bring a coin hip scarf if you like, and expect a time of fun and escape from the world. We will explore with props (such as different types of veils and Saidi Assaya) and enjoy a safe space to explore possibilities.  In this class you may find that belly dance holds healing modality – the possibility of recalibrating the body and harmonizing the soul enabling one to journey into healing, intuition, and expression through the ancient and soul invoking movement of Belly dance. Encouraging you through strong, empowering, and restorative movement, students leave with a sense of success.
  • West African (suggested for dancers beg/interm and up) with Camille Weanquoi
  • Improvisation (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Sara Lavan
  • Craft Arts (suggested for dancers of all levels) with Kylie Payne