Scholarship Auditions 2023

Dancers are eligible for auditions if the member they are attending with has attended the festival with dancers at least one year prior to 2023 and has paid the current year’s dues prior to May 1st. Members may complete the audition registration form after submitting a festival registration form but BEFORE the Sept 30th deadline. 

**Audition numbers should be worn for every class and audition**

Two $1000 Summer Intensive Scholarships for dancers 12+ and Two $500 Scholarships for dancers ages 10 and 11 will be presented by Dance WV as cash scholarships.  These require prior registration but do NOT have a separate audition. Dancers registered for an audition other than the “Mock Audition” will automatically be considered for cash scholarships. 

High School Seniors Universities Audition

Students should bring with them 3 copies of each of the following:

completed audition form 

dance resume 

head shot photo

Scholarships and acceptance to university programs may be granted from this audition but not awarded at the festival. Students interested in specific programs should speak with the representatives of those programs.

Audition #1 (12+) Ballet Based

Audition #2 (12+) Contemporary/Modern Based

Young Dancer’s Audition (ages 10-11) Mixed Genre

  • 2 Return to Dance WV Fall Festival October 2024 scholarships
  • 2 In-state scholarships to attend a summer intensive in WV with one of our local studios. (Must choose from the provided list and cannot be used at a dancer’s “home” studio.

Mock Audition (9+)

  • This will be run as a mixed genre, no pressure audition with feedback from the instructors Be prepared for anything!

Scholarship recipients must notify Dance WV via email ( BEFORE February 1st (May 1st for university scholarships) following the audition date. If notification is not given prior to February 1st, the scholarship will automatically default to an alternate. Students who receive and accept scholarships and then do not attend the summer intensive for any reason will not be permitted to audition at the following Dance WV Fall Festival. If for any reason after accepting a scholarship a winner is unable to attend Dance WV must be immediately notified in writing. Whenever possible Dance WV will pay cash scholarship amounts directly to summer intensives. Any cash scholarship amount in excess of tuition can be paid towards room, board or travel expenses with receipts. Students are responsible for enrolling in programs to receive any “early bird” discounts. This includes providing Dance WV with the contact person, phone number and /or instructions for paying the scholarship amount towards your account in a timely manner. It is the recipient’s responsibility to meet all registration deadlines and requirements.